Haircutting Safety Rules

Before Haircutting

  • Sanitize all your tools and equipment before and after every cut
  • Cover your client with protective clothing while you are cutting; Gown, Cape, Cutting collar(sanex)
  • Check client’s hair and scalp for cuts, abrasions and infestations before shampooing

During Haircut

  • Keep the clients face free from hair clippings
  • Never cut beyond your safety zone of your fingers
  • If you drop a comb or pair of scissors on the floor, clean the
    and sanitize – or – get a new pair before you continue cutting
  • Ensure your own posture and position while working. It helps minimize fatigue and risk of injury

After Haircut

  • Make sure all hair is swept up immediately after you have finished the cut and, preferably, before you start blow-drying